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Hello. I recently came upon this prayer, and I thought this community… - hagiography [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 6th, 2008|08:17 pm]


Hello. I recently came upon this prayer, and I thought this community might be able to help me:

“May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.”

Online, it is frequently attributed to St. Thérèse of Lisieux. However, I can't seem to find a clear concensus on that. Some say it is St. Teresa or Mother Teresa or somone else entirely.

Does anyone in this community know who wrote this?

[User Picture]From: his_bee
2008-04-07 08:19 pm (UTC)
i don't know for certain and can't think of where to look it up, but from my reading, it SOUNDS more like St. Teresa of Jesus to me than St. Therese or Blessed Teresa
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